How to Request Early Intervention Services

If your child is younger than age 3, like my daughter Ella, you need to contact the state’s early intervention services office. If you suspect any type of developmental delay – speech, gross motor, fine motor, etc., contact the office for evaluation!!! [Although I knew this as a special education attorney, I did not do so for my own child, because I was in somewhat denial ^_^;].
If your child is age 3 or older, contact your local public system – school district.
For CA, our state’s early intervention services office is called Regional Center and they have Early Start Intake Unit and coordinators. Using the CA’s Department of Developmental Services website (, I located my Regional Center, called and also emailed the Early Start Intake coordinator to request early intervention services for Ella. Even if you call and speak with the coordinator directly, it’s always a good idea to send a letter via email or mail following your phone conversation to document in writing so you can also have a specific date for your legal timeline.

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