Soo Yun, Esq.

            Soo received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and minor in Education from University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”) with Departmental Honors.  Upon graduating, she worked for District Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles County as a Victim Advocate for three years helping victims of crime in all walks of life. Soo also received her Master of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary and worked as a Sunday School Minister, Youth Group Minister, and English Ministry minister for young adults at various churches in Los Angeles County and Orange County. 

            Then, she received her Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School.  While in Law School, she decided to become a Public Interest lawyer and worked at Bet Tzedek Legal Services, Public Counsel, and Asian Pacific American Legal Center (“APALC”), and Children’s Law Center as a Law Clerk. Upon graduating from Law School, Soo began working at Learning Rights Law Center, a non-profit legal services organization dedicated to special education law as a Staff Attorney and Director of Litigation and Advocacy for five years. Now Soo continues to practice Special Education Law in private practice.  She is fluent in both English and Korean.  Soo is also a member of the Los Angeles Juvenile Court Education Panel, where she is regularly appointed to represent students with disabilities who are in the foster care system and/or who have an active delinquency case.

Nursery teacher sitting with a parent and her Down Syndrome son in the classroom. they are discussing the little boys progress.

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